Parts, Sales, Leasing For The de Havilland Beaver (DHC-2) and Otter (DHC-3) Aircraft
Thursday, February 29, 2024

International Salvage

Our international salvage division has been around the world looking for the DHC-2 and DHC-3 aircraft. A great deal of time and effort is spent in researching and finding the aircraft. To date we have traveled to 25 different countries. We have had both successful  adventures as well as some tough disappointments however, our tenatious spirit keeps us searching.

Once an aircraft is located, there is a great deal of logistics, planning and paperwork involved in the export of the aircraft from that country and in the import of the aircraft to Canada . With over 19 imports over the last 7 years, we are currently the most experienced in this business. We offer our services and consulting to others who are interested in importing other aircraft types.

Canadian Salvage

Our Canadian salvage division consists of our own trucks, trailers and lifting equipment to retrieve wrecks anywhere on the North American continent. We are completely set up for open deck transport or covered deck transport. All of our lifting jigs and cradles are specifically designed in house to minimize any further damage to the airframes.

We also have available some of the most experienced pilots and engineers in Canada that can get a partially damaged aircraft temporarily repaired and ferried to a proper repair shop.

If you have a DHC-2 or DHC-3 aircraft that is derelict or surplus to your needs please Contact Us for immediate assessment and or purchase.